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The Garden Island

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Then lets us take you to Kauai ” The Garden Island” of Hawaii. Here you will spend a week exploring, capturing and discovering what this island has to offer and create through your camera the magnificent images of the island.

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If you are interested in capturing, exploring or discovering the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. Join Sand & Flip Flop Getaways for a week in Kauai, the Garden Island, and create, through your camera, the magnificent images of the Island.

Our introduction to the island will be a guided tour with a professional photographer, introducing us to places around the island we might not otherwise discover. We will visit Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific and Kokee State Park. Capture the unique beauty of one of the special gardens of Kauai. Visit the Kilauea Lighthouse and bird sanctuary. That’s only the beginning of your photography adventures. You’ll soon discover 7 days is not enough time to see and do it all.


Introduction to Kauai guided by a professional photographer !

7 Day Tour


Kauai the “Garden Isle” What better lace than this to start our garden tours !

7 Day Tour

History & Culture

Lets us immerse you into the history of Kauai !

7 Day Tour

Why Us?

Having lived in Hawaii for over 25  years combined with working in the travel industry, including conducting tours for about 15 years our knowledge is vast about the Hawaiian islands. We have a great desire to offer selected trips of interest that covers not only the beauty of the islands but also the history and culture. So join us for one of the tours and lets make it a fantastic adventure.







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We limit the number of participants in order for you to learn and become a part of the island while you are visiting.

At the present time we are looking at May, 2021 for our first tour. We hope at that time travel will again become a part of our lives. Put us on your calendar for next May and keep in touch for further details.

We would love to have you join us on our favorite island as we EXPLORE KAUAI.

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