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Only the Best for Our New Friends

Ready, Aim, Shoot…….your camera is ready to take pictures of a lifetime. Your journey through your camera is about to begin as you discover Kauai, the Garden Island.

Your camera will catch the moment the rain shower ceases and a rainbow appears. Watching a bird land on its nest protected by a lighthouse. Driving to the Canyon and you are surrounded by clouds but your camera is ready; they clear away and you catch the wonder of Waimea Canyon and the Napali Coast. You wander through a tropical garden capturing the beauty of nature and discover rooms constructed from nature or maybe, a garden with plants brought to the island over 400 years ago. Watch the stories of the island unfold as you watch the hula being shared with you.

Join us as you Explore the Island of Kauai with your camera.
We promise your camera will never be left in the camera case during your visit to Kauai. In a moment’s notice a rainbow will appear after a short rain. Walking leisurely through one of the unique tropical gardens you come upon a room created by natures trees and flowers. Watch the birds souring around a lighthouse which is their refuse.
Respect the turtles and sea lions the beaches belong to them it’s their home on land. They don’t object to having their picture taken; but from a distance.

Waimea Canyon has areas untouched by humans, hidden waterfalls secrets of the past. Your camera can capture its rugged beauty by flying over it in a helicopter.
Let your camera capture the story being told when you view the hula. It can be graceful, calming, or warlike and filled with fire.
The Garden Island lives up to its name as you wander through the tropical gardens. See nature at its most magnificent best, even discover the different rooms created from nature.
The rain is a temporary necessity as it is always followed by a rainbow. Where will you be when that happens? Will your camera be ready?
The luau is an invitation to the food of the island, a celebration of an event and a way to sharing something wonderful with others.

Let your camera Explore Kauai—-the Garden Island.


Our introduction to the island will be a guided tour with a professional photographer, introducing us to places around the island we might not otherwise discover. We will visit Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific and Kokee State Park. Capture the unique beauty of one of the special gardens of Kauai. Visit the Kilauea Lighthouse and bird sanctuary. That’s only the beginning of your photography adventures. You’ll soon discover 7 days is not enough time to see and do it all.

We limit the number of participants in order for you to learn and become a part of the island while you are visiting.

At the present time we are looking at May, 2021 for our first tour. We hope at that time travel will again become a part of our lives. Put us on your calendar for next May and keep in touch for further details.
We would love to have you join us on our favorite island as we EXPLORE KAUAI.

Your Photography Kauai Tour Awaits !

Drop us a note or give us a call and we will help book this amazing experience with you.

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We look forward to helping you make memories of a lifetime!


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